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A 9-inch rich and creamy Gluten Free cheesecake featuring a scorched, caramelized top.

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Marc Heu Patisserie introduces the BASQUE CHEESECAKE.

This rich cheesecake is made with Grade-A Vanilla from Madagascar and features a light, creamy body with a scorched, caramelized top.

Indulge in the gently sweet flavor with notes of vanilla and the light, airy texture of BASQUE CHEESECAKE, available now for a limited time while supplies last.


Size: 9 inches. Can feed up to 12 people.

Common Allergens: Dairy, Eggs.

Shelf Life: 3 days. Please keep the product inside of the box in a fridge. For more maximum freshness and taste, please enjoy it on the same day of pick up.

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