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A Valentine’s collection featuring three unique cakes.

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Marc Heu Patisserie is excited to announce this year’s Valentine’s Day special, Chef Marc Heu’s COFFRET COLLECTION, featuring three individual-sized cakes:

THE ROSE: A delicate, rose-shaped cake made with soft and airy lime biscuit (gf), fruity strawberry lime confit, and luscious vanilla and lychee mousse.

THE STOLEN HEART: A luxurious, heart-shaped chocolate cake made with a tender chocolate biscuit (gf), intense raspberry dark chocolate ganache, and a rich raspberry dark chocolate mousse.

THE ÉGERIÉ: A velvety cake made with soft vanilla biscuit (gf) soaked in a homemade vanilla grape seed oil, smooth vanilla mascarpone crème brûlée cremeux mixed with crunchy caramel pieces, and airy vanilla white chocolate whipped ganache.

Gift the loved ones in your life the sweet trio of the COFFRET COLLECTION, available now for pre-order while supplies last.


COMMON ALLERGENS: ROSE: Tree nuts, dairy, eggs, soybeans. STOLEN HEART: Dairy, eggs, soybeans. ÉGERIÉ: Dairy, eggs, soybeans.

Shelf Life: 3 days. Please keep the product inside of the box in a fridge. For maximum freshness and taste, please enjoy it on the same pick-up day.

Disclaimer: Due to their handmade nature, each final product may vary slightly in color and design. We reserve the right to change the design of our products.

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