Introducing our…

February Special

Chef Marc Heu is happy to present his February 2023 Special “L’AMOUR”

Marc Heu Patisserie introduces Chef Marc’s L’AMOUR as this year’s Valentine’s cake!

L’AMOUR features a crown of delicate pâte à choux that is filled with créme chiboust and topped with a strawberry caramel cream puff. Each cream puff is covered with a mound of luscious, whipped tonka ganache and finished with a dollop of sweet strawberry gel. The cake is then decorated with mint and halved strawberries to resemble Cupid’s arrow.

Create heart-warming memories this year with Marc Heu Patisserie, Paris’s L’AMOUR.


(Order now while supplies last).


Size: 8 inches. Can feed up to 12 people. 

Common Allergens: Gluten, Eggs, Dairy, Tree nuts.

Shelf Life: 2-3 days. Please keep the product inside of the box in a fridge. More maximum freshness and taste, please enjoy it on the same day of pick up.