Rayon Du Soleil (Buche De Noel)

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A tropical mango, lime, and coconut Buche de Noel.

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Marc Heu Pâtisserie introduces Chef Marc’s “RAYON DU SOLEIL” as our December Special!

Chef Marc’s Rayon Du Soleil, or “Ray of Sunshine” is a tropical reimagining of the classic french Buche de Noel. Chef Marc’s creation features a buttery pate sucrée (sweet dough tart shell), a soft biscuit joconde (sponge cake), and crumbly shortbread before generous layers of lime mousse and mango gelée shape this masterpiece. Next, roasted coconut mousse and shredded coconuts envelop the cake before a bed of lime confit adorns this delicacy with crunchy mango crips, red sorrel leaves, and 24K Gold leaf. 

Allow Chef Marc to take you and your family to the tropics this holiday season with Rayon Du Soleil.

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Size: 11 inches x 3 inches. Feed 10+ people with 1-inch slices.

Common Allergens: Gluten, Eggs, Dairy, Tree nuts (almonds), Pork gelatin, Mango, Lime, Coconut

Shelf Life: 2-3 days. Please keep the product inside of the box in a fridge. More maximum freshness and taste, please enjoy it on the same day of pick up.

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